Black Moustache
제 이름은크리스티나예요
I'm a Spanish girl, I live near of Barcelona, I'm Learning Korean and Japanese (I love this two countries) and learning English, I like Japan&Korean's culture, food, music, dance, movies, dramas.......

I hope meet other people with the same interests, but my English is very normal, but I can understand the formal written English.

I love Cats, Anime, Manga, Rock , Metal, Classic M., Celtic M. (and some M. Pop) I like the horror/ Gosht/Medieval/Fantasy/action/comedy Movies, I like Videogames (my fav. are Final Fantasy VII, Champion of Norrath, Prince of Persia, Demon Stone, Neverwinter night, Kingdom Hearts, LineAge, Assassin's Creed, world of warcraft, Ragnarok...) I read all the books of fantasy as Forgotten Realms, The lord of Rings, DragonLance, The song of ice and fire, Tetsuya Nomura, Tood Lockwood, Matt Stawicki, Yoshitaka Amano....

♥ The rest...それ はひみつです!! ^v^
또 만나요 ♥♥
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